Medicare Dental


With the different types of Medicare, the world of coverage can be very confusing.


For example, if you are focusing on caring for your oral health, then you should check to see if Medicare covers dentistry or if not, and also which options are open to you.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Rather than a straightforward answer, the answer to this is a bit of yes and no. You will find, in most cases, original Medicare does not cover most dental care.


Should you be purchasing coverage for the usual dental care, such as dental cleaning, X-rays, or other dental treatments such as fillings, extractions, having dentures, and others, then Medicare Original will not cover such things.


There are means of getting dental coverage under some Medicare plans.

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Which Medicare Covers Dental?

The Medicare Advantage Plans, which are often known as Part C, merge Medicare Original Part A and Part B into one comprehensive plan.


They can provide the Medicare Advantage Plans through private insurance companies which are approved by the Government’s Medicare program.


Besides, such plans may also provide supplemental programs and benefits outside of Medicare Original, comprising dental coverage. Part D programs may also include cover for prescription drugs and vision.


Even if you encounter Medicare Advantage Plans that cover and cost much the same as traditional health plans.


For instance, you can find HMOs, PPOs, POS plans, and more with each of them, including deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance. You should know that not all Medicare Advantage Plans will cover dental plans. So, before you enroll, be sure to read the details of what the plan covers.


If you wish to have dental coverage under Medicare, make sure the Medicare Advantage Plan you select includes any dental coverage, you need to meet your needs and budget.

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Original Medicare comprises Part A, which is hospital insurance, and Part B, which is medical insurance.

What Medicare Original can do for any dental work is if you have sustained any traumatic injury which has also affected the jaw, teeth or mouth and you have been hospitalized.

Then the Original Medicare will cover some such dental care. Understanding precisely where your plan will cover is vital to know before any accident occurs.

When referring to Medicare and dental coverage, only Medicare Advantage Plans or Part C may offer you dental coverage, and not every one of them will. The coverage provided is inherently basic and would typically include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Routine X-rays
  • Extractions
  • Fillings
  • And perhaps others

You should review all the details of any Medicare Advantage Plan before you apply. These plans can differ depending on your insurance company and perhaps your location.

The dental coverage has limits on the number of services it covers you for in any one year of the plan, maximum cost concessions and more.